Antoine Pfeiffer, interior designer at Maison Normande Home Decor, has always had a pronounced taste for nature. He is part of the young generation who wants to consume differently while respecting nature and its resources.

A fter having studied interior designer in an architecture school in Paris, Antoine moved towards the use of raw materials in the layout and cladding of buildings.

Liking to promote old techniques that have proven their worth, he specialized in SU SUGI BAN.


It is an ancestral Japanese technique which consists in causing combustion on a single face of solid wood plank so that a layer of carbon is created. The latter protects against bad weather, mold, insects, etc.

Once burned, the wood can be left as it is or, depending on the desired finish, brushed and thus reveal the wood fiber. It is then necessary to apply linseed oil or varnish (indoors) to fix the color and keep the appearance of carbon.

The burnt wood blends perfectly with the contemporary style.

This eco-responsible method applies to both interior and exterior wall cladding, to the creation of tables, headboards, fences, etc., but also to the upcycling of old wooden furniture.

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