We are happy to welcome at Maison Normande Home Decor our new Artisan Ceramist LAG, specialist in stoneware tableware.

LAG works the Earth, like a journey, since childhood, in all places ...

Model the material, the shape, in order to find ancestral gestures that multiple populations may have had before it. Keeping the roughness of the stoneware in contrast with the softness of the enamel, such is the tableware exclusively produced for Maison Normande Home Decor.

The ultimate goal of LAG is the daily use of its pottery.

That we eat, that we laugh there, that we even cry there ... They must live! Let them become part of everyday life, as simply as possible, by going straight to the point.

The first collection of hand-modeled white enamelled Saint-Amand stoneware plates, bowls, bowls and salad bowl is now available in our E-Boutique.

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