Meticulous, technical, ornamental, these are the words that come to mind when we talk about the creations of the Norman Artisan Barbara pfeiffer, known as Raku mikou, whose Japanese-sounding name comes from the art of Raku-Yaki, a specialty that lies at the edge of art and crafts: Ceramics.

But not just any…

We need to look back a few years before to understand what makes the particularity of the products of Raku mikou.

Barbara was introduced to ceramics in the early 2010s and discovered a way to make the earth even more unique than it is. Indeed, the Raku is obvious to her. She falls in love with this art, the technique of which consists of creating an enamelling process during long sessions of low temperature cooking.

A special cooking technique

The pieces created offer the eyes real peculiarities with random effects.

When the oven heated to 900 ° is opened, a thermal shock arises to give way to a striking spectacle: Cracks appear on the ambient whispering of a crystalline sound of earthenware, revealed by the smoke which consists of immersing the objects in a carbon source such as sawdust. Reduction cooking ends when Barbara immerses her creations in water to be cleaned of their ashes and soot residue. It is during this step that the discovery of the final result is made.

From then on appear the most creative products.

For Barbara, Raku is magic "each piece is unique with its share of imperfections", "We are waiting and uncertain of the result when it comes out of the oven" which gives each product a particular soul.

Objects with symbolism and soul unique

She enjoys experimenting with colors, glazes and different techniques to obtain objects with a unique soul and symbolism.

Curious by nature, Barbara likes to venture out along paths that are sometimes unexpected. She creates her own oven in which Barbara will produce objects in small quantities to keep the authenticity and freshness of this art.

Then finally she decides to start her own business. Raku Mikou is born.

Passionate artist, Barbara would like to develop her production and transmit her passion, in particular by leading workshops.

At Maison Normande, we are proud to be able to count in our workforce this talented craftswoman, whose values and ethics are in phase with ours.

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