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Maison Normande Home Decor is a company offering traditional linen home textile and decorative accessories. It has a select collection using quality materials based on the values of cohesion and sustainability.
The products offered are the result of traditional know-how mixed with innovative practices.

A craftsmanship

The family business Maison Normande Home Decor, based in Normandy, near Rouen, created in 2019 an artisanal and daring brand of linens and decorative accessories.

We offer collections resulting from French craftsmanship and we favor the use of linen, which is a noble material.

With nearly 20 years of experience in high-end textiles and furnishings for designers and international private clients, we have created our MN HOME DECOR brand, so that it is intimately linked to well-being and happiness. Thus thinking and producing with our hearts.

We strive to breathe soul into each of our creations, drawing on memories and emotions shaped by time.

In the end, what we create is meant to be UNIQUE and designed to meet your everyday needs.

High-end collections

Inspired by traditional techniques, we believe in the innovation of practices.

Our desire to create living pieces with noble materials with modern and timeless cuts are based on the values of cohesion and durability.

All of our products are made in France. Anxious to play a role in reducing our ecological footprint linked to the creation of our collections, we strive to forge partnerships with artisans from the region and its surroundings as much as possible.

Our fabrics and accessories offer a very high quality both in our choice of noble materials and in the manufacturing method used by Maison Normande Home Decor or by our local artisans.


We love to create exciting life experiences and make our products tell stories. This is how we help bring life to your interiors.

The creations of Maison Normande Home Decor and our craftsmen, are entirely handmade in France, using ecological and natural materials. At Maison Normande Home Decor we are committed to equitably compensating craftsmanship.


Maison Normande Home Decor offers a wide range of OEKO-TEX certified linen fabrics, sold per meter, for making curtains, tablecloths, bedding, clothes….

Discover our ETRETAT and DEAUVILLE collections and let yourself be tempted!

Maison Normande Home Decor can make by special order, the works of our “Household Linen” category presented in our boutique, according to your measurements and in the color of your choice.

Table art

Find the time when the products served on a table are the result of working in harmony with nature.

Our "Upcycling" range

In order to be always more respectful of the environment, we put all our creativity and our sensitivity to the recovery of materials in order to give a second life to the objects and to make them unique and quality products.

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