Maison Normande Home Decor is a duo made up of two childhood friends who spent their childhood in Rouen, Normandy. With different characters and professional backgrounds they also have common interests: nature, the taste for things well done and challenges.

Annick KURODA, Manager, is the creative and artistic side of Maison Normande Home Decor.

She has always loved working in textile and fashion design.

After having studied styling / pattern making in a fashion school in Paris, she flew to other horizons to perfect her knowledge and continued her career by settling in London (United Kingdom).

Over the years, she has specialized in the field of textile furnishing and has more than 20 years experience as an upholstery seamstress. Her main clientèle being architects and interior designers from London.

Annick, having decided to come back to live in Normandy, created Maison Normande Home Decor in 2019.

Catherine CIRROTTO, Co-manager, is the structural and “business” side of Maison Normande Home Decor.

Passionate about travel and foreign languages, she has always worked internationally.

After more than 20 years spent in a large multinational in the automotive industry as Export Manager, she decided to set up on her own.

Her taste for challenges led her to Latin America to continue her activities.

While maintaining strong connections in different parts of the world, she specialized as an Import / Export Consultant to Latin American manufacturers and importers.

In 2021, in view of international news and a world increasingly aware of respect for Nature, we have decided to combine our skills in order to carry out the Maison Normande Home Decor concept.

We want to introduce French know-how, the French Touch, internationally so that Maison Normande Home Decor becomes one of the benchmarks for interior decorators, or designers, and thus, share our passion with the four corners of the world.

Our goal is to offer simple but chic eco-friendly products to customers who have the taste for beautiful things and natural products.