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During the event "Les Puces Japonaises" organized by Maison Normande Home Decor, Ann'So paraded her 3 adorable dogs Pixel, Salto and Pirate.

Pixel, Pirate & Salto very chic with their linen shirt (accompanied by their mistress Ann'So and our animator Gilles)

All three were dressed in a linen shirt designed and made by our client, a designer in South Korea, with Maison Normande Home Decor linen fabrics by the meter.

Pixel (Chihuahua) with his size S shirt in OCRE French linen fabric ORCHIS Collection

Salto (Shetland Sheepdog) with his size M shirt in French linen fabric color BLUE CELADON ORCHIS Collection

Pirate (American Shepherd) with his size L shirt in LAVENDER French linen fabric ORCHIS Collection

A great thank you to Ann'So, Pixel, Pirate, Salto, Gilles and of course to our client for sending us his creations especially for the parade.

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