Linen sheer by the meter GRAY ORPIN Collection

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A heavy linen sheer that will dress your windows with elegance!!

Available upon order.


This LINEN sheer by the meter is made from linen fabric which lets light through.

Both warm and airy, this heavy linen sheer (222g/m2) will bring style to your interior.

French-made linen sheer: from the raw material (linen harvested in France) to the dyeing and the thread….

Linen sheer woven and dyed in compliance with French standards


LINEN, noble material, subtle, nonchalant, fresh and light - KENZO


LINEN is the strongest and strongest fiber. It lasts a long time without warping and does not fluff.

LINEN is environmentally friendly. It is the Leader of ecological fibers, everything is recycled or used in the transformation of LIN. In addition, the plant requires very little water for its cultivation.

LINEN is hypoallergenic. Medications using LIN tissue have been shown to accelerate healing of certain skin conditions.

LINEN is an “anti-stress”. A scientific experiment has confirmed that the temperature and muscle tension decrease when the individuals studied wear combinations of LIN.

LINEN promotes sleep. Sleep is deeper, the time it takes to fall asleep is shorter, the number of awakenings is lower and the changes in position are fewer.


Linen is a specialty of Seine Maritime in Normandy. The European Union occupies a key place in the global production of LIN, mainly in France.

Normandy represents 63% of French textile flax production and Seine Maritime alone cultivates 19,000 hectares of LIN out of the 60,000 in France. With 1,500 flax growers, mainly located in the Pays de Caux, the department is a leader in this sector.

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Maintenance tips

Iron at medium temperature (150°C max), Dry cleaning allowed, No chlorine, No machine washing, No tumble drying



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